Parking is sparse and expensive. Every year, the De Wallen area brings in billions of dollars of revenue in sex tourism to The Netherlands. Yes, do enjoy yourself but not at the expense of the city, the locals, or your own health. Woodman remains belligerent and his Wikipedia entry is carefully sculpted to exclude details about the ruse, but the National Geographic Channel has agreed to put its admission in writing, and has promised to not re-broadcast the episode. Seventeen others were hospitalized. Another thing most of them share: an inexplicable desire to replace antique store fronts and interiors with ugly, visually ‘loud’ modern designs. Leliegracht, Amsterdam. 15 Things NOT to Do in Amsterdam. All had instead been sold white heroin, which causes respiratory failure. There are some things that are best to be avoided, although being perfectly legal in the city. Attending this 2 months event this year is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam in December 2020. Hit the Bar when you hit 18 . Bonus tip: Do not pay your taxi driver until you’ve got all your luggage out of the car. The Nutella bakeries and cheese shops have seemingly overrun the city. Don’t take pictures of girls in the windows of the red light district. Second most important rule: do not exceed the recommended dosage. It’s hard to know what not to do in Amsterdam with so many guides giving contrasting information. 4 things not to do in Amsterdam. This is such a good investment if you plan on seeing the best of Amsterdam, and not only in terms of money but of time too. Too, you may end up in one of several illegal, overcrowded hotels. So whether you’re looking to party, eager to discover new experiences or just want to chill out with some friends, Amsterdam really has it all. Reportedly the city of Prague is also considering legal action against the program. Oudezijds Achterburgwal, in the center of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Our rule of thumb: if the store area is (nearly) as big as the museum, it’s a shop masquerading as something else. Each year, a number of tourists die or are badly injured in collisions with trams. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. That’s not a good idea. Our original content is protected by ©. They’re professionals who know their stuff. You don’t want to run the risk of someone driving off with your stuff still on board. But, like anyplace, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when visiting the Dutch capital. As in other historic cities, many bridges in Amsterdam are being destroyed by so-called love locks. Again, if you have to buy drugs buy them in one of the many licensed coffeeshops in the area. Travelers favorites include #1 Vondelpark, #2 Jordaan and more. One of Amsterdam’s must-do activities which, though a cliché, is still the best way to explore the city. We will try and provide you with tips that save you money while still having an amazing experience. Duration: 1 hour #Amsterdam #cityguide - Duration: 6:17. Also do NOT cycle on the sidewalk… like I am doing here – oops! What NOT to do as a tourist in Amsterdam Tourist information tends to be concerned with the do’s: ‘Do visit the Stedelijk’, ‘do drink Heineken’, ‘do get on the bus and visit the Keukenhof garden’. Transformed into a shop or tea room, you can enter to view photographs of the house at the time. Worse, people who live and work in downtown Amsterdam2 positively hate beer bikes. Dive in. And do we need to say this? Basically these tours are meant to sell you tickets. So as not to spoil your holiday, read our guide to Amsterdam, keep to the rules we outlined above, and you will only have lovely memories of your trip. If you have to have a souvenir from the Red Light District, buy a postcard. You can find them at Kloveniersburgwal 26 (photo opposite), Singel 7 and Oude Hoogstraat 22. It’s best to avoid eye contact with street loiterers, beggars and junkies. How unfair! ‘Dying’ is high on our ‘What Not To Do In Amsterdam’ list. It’s not worth it. As a result, at Central Station – and throughout downtown Amsterdam – people who look like tourists (carrying backpacks or suitcases) will be accosted by hotel runners. You can take pictures of, say, the area’s architectural treasures, but if you aim your camera at one of the scantily-clad ladies in the windows you may find yourself getting closely acquainted with the nearest canal – via one or more bouncer types. What Not to Miss in Amsterdam. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Bottom line: some rules are simply there to protect you or your friends from doing something stupid. It is updated from time to time. Unlike most other museums in Amsterdam, it is possible to enter the City Archives’ main exhibition without paying an entrance fee. To many foreign tourists, Amsterdam means three things: legal prostitution, legal weed and the Anne Frank House. There are plenty of things you can do in Amsterdam. The Red Light District is perfectly safe, but keep the following tips in mind. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on Tripadvisor: See 1,852,238 traveller reviews and photos of Amsterdam tourist attractions. Amsterdam is known for its cannabis culture and the Red Light District. You can count on the fact that people are watching you, and that they are just waiting for you to do something stupid — like entering an area where you can easily be robbed. Top 20 things to do in Amsterdam . Also do NOT cycle on the sidewalk… like I am doing here – oops! The internet is completely filled with it: things to do in Amsterdam! Here we are walking down the street at night, after a day out walking around. Amsterdam’s easily ranks among the best cities in the world for young people and has plenty to offer anyone in their twenties. The sale of hallucinogenic “magic” mushrooms was banned starting December 1, 2008 — as a direct result of a number of deadly incidents. This is the reason, we've compiled a list of ten things that you should avoid when you are in Amsterdam. Save yourself a lot of stress, and don’t rent a bike inside Amsterdam. It’s not only against the law, but if shops are caught selling to underage users they risk closure. You saved up your hard-earned money to come to Amsterdam. In this case, observe where the local pedestrians walk: on the sidewalk. 14 of the Oddest Rules That Exist in Switzerland. Join them. Do: Visit the Red Light Secrets Museum of Prostitution. I must have been warm from the walking, because I had taken … This article was first published on November 28, 2005. It is put on for the tourists. There’s an awful lot to see and do here, so much that a short weekend break might not seem like enough – but if that’s all the time you’ve got, I have some tips for what to prioritise, so that you really get the most out of the city in your time there. Amsterdam! These urban trains go faster than you can run, and they usually have — and take — the right of way. You can save a lot of money by heeding our recommendation on where to change your money. Start the day right with a fresh coffee and a big breakfast – you’re going to need it. What Not To Do in Amsterdam. De Wallen, Amsterdam Just don’t do it. We’ll help you with what to mind, so you can enjoy your stay in our lovely city. While pickpockets go after everyone, try not to look like a tourist. Your mileage may differ, but in our opinion most tourists won’t ever lie awake from having missed these spots: Put the wax figures on the back burner until you have a chance to visit the vastly superior London location instead. Most of the Amsterdam coffeeshops are not known for selling excellent coffee, instead, they are known to sell excellent pot. Amsterdam is on the top of many people’s bucket lists, and for good reason. Here we go! Amsterdam is not a free-for-all, so don’t go about town possessing, buying, and using pills, heroin, cocaine, and meth — you will face legal action if caught. What not to do in Amsterdam — tourist traps and other mistakes to avoid. Once you wake up — on the cold, hard street — you discover that your valuables are missing. We’ll help you with what to mind, so you can enjoy your stay in our lovely city. Don’t do 2: Get high in all sorts of ways I know Amsterdam is known as the city of sins, but I never understood why people would come to Amsterdam “j ust to get high “. 81.000 people live in the center of town, while 87.000/day travel to the inner city for work. Come to think of it, it pays to familiarize yourself with the taxi situation in Amsterdam. You do not want to spend your vacation money on fines, right? In the process many iconic, picturesque views are destroyed by the grotesque bunches of locks. Buying Drugs. Similar scenarios happen in bars, coffeeshops, discos and other ventures where it seems natural for some friendly people to offer you a round of drinks. To many foreign tourists, Amsterdam means three things: legal prostitution, legal weed and the Anne Frank House. Those of you who have sampled the wares of a koffieshop are probably sniggering now. Get them from either the driver or the conductor. Tickets bought in the tram or bus are much more expensive. Watch Out For Pickpockets. Plague? What Not to Miss in Amsterdam. By the way… some things in Amsterdam are not what they appear to be. Netherlands Tourist Tip #11 Amsterdam-specific Dont’s . In many buildings, you will not find lifts so pack light and save yourself the agony of dragging your belongings up flights of stairs. Withlocals 598,883 views. But that’s not what draws the tourist hordes. Do not trust them. Going to Amsterdam? You wouldn’t be the first tourist whose trip to Amsterdam turns into a bad trip – or even the final trip – after experimenting with (unfamiliar) drugs. Too, some things — while perfectly legal — are best avoided. For it is not the only one in Amsterdam to be given this status. Discover 57 hidden attractions, cool sights, and unusual things to do in Amsterdam, Netherlands from Electric Ladyland: The Museum of Fluorescent Art to Singel 7. What Not To Do in Amsterdam. Although the way people move about seems random, there is an order to it that locals understand… and tourists disturb this order. Don’t think that Amsterdam … 9. coke?” questions. Enter your email address to subscribe to DutchAmsterdam and receive notifications of new posts by email. She settled here nearly 30 years ago. 6:17. In recent years open borders with more and more east-block countries have contributed to, among other things, an influx of criminals who employ a range of creative methods. Don’t have an older person buy drugs for you either. Janet was born in England and grew up in Ireland (and truly has an Irish nature). While Amsterdam is an incredibly enjoyable city with freely accessible soft drugs, people can get stupid fast. We have reviews of the best places to see in Amsterdam. All had instead been sold white heroin, which causes respiratory failure. While Amsterdam may be known as one of the most permissive places on Earth, some things here aren't merely within your right to do, but rather are your responsibility to experience. Apparently it is just as effective at getting tourists to part with their money as the overpriced cheese sold in the luxury cheese shops that plague Amsterdam. Enjoy the View from the Public Library. Nowadays, Amsterdam still is home to a fair share of … Some just want to gawk at the salacious spectacle of it all. The annual light festival is the highlight of the winters in Amsterdam. Crazy locals with an old transistor radio, a little girl on skates and a homeless man playing guitar. We all know that Amsterdam is a freewheeling city, buy everything is not so in the city. That shirt was a cream coloured thing with a floral pattern. Below are photos of what the exterior looks like (though there are usually crowds of people waiting to get in so its easy to spot). Consumer for your own pleasure; not to impress others. These houses, which are about 2 metres wide, are among the oldest houses in Amsterdam. It’s no secret that prostitution is alive and thriving within the streets of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Amsterdam is known for its cannabis culture and the Red Light District. However here is a list of what not to do in Amsterdam as a tourist to not land you in trouble. (That said, a police officer will always have to answer affirmatively to the question, “Are you a police officer?” That may or may not work. So we’ve made a counter list of things NOT to do in Amsterdam. Unlike many other city centers, downtown Amsterdam has a unique combination of homes, shops and offices. The obvious things are listed below so that it will be easy for you to avoid these things in your next Amsterdam tours. Normally you see travelling articles telling what you need to do in this and that city but not today! At around the same time, Google — honoring an official request from the City — removed the term ‘Love Lock Bridge’ from Google Maps. Unbelievable! March 2007: A 17-year old French tourist asked an older friend to buy her some psychedelic mushrooms. While their story may sound good, you will almost certainly be quoted a much lower price than you will eventually be charged at the end of the drive. Same goes for the ubiquitous ‘Tours & Tickets’ offices. And when in Amsterdam, do as Amsterdammers do: walk on the sidewalk, not the bike path. This should be a no-brainer as well: If you’re one of those brave folks willing to try riding a bike in Amsterdam without a tour guide, do not make the mistake of cycling on the sidewalks. Seventeen others were hospitalized. There are some things that are best to be avoided, although being perfectly legal in the city. Special smoking areas have been created. 50 Things Not To Do In Amsterdam. The locals don’t even smoke it as much as you think they might. You can walk past and look, that’s fine. Don’t Mistake the Blue Lights in the Red Light District. Naive tourists have been known to pay premium prices for sheep dung, parsley, aspirin, or talcum powder.

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