Let us now look at each of these stages of building construction in detail. • The number of design stages varies from two to four. Electrical cables are drawn through conduits upto the switch control points. As completion of the construction project approaches, we invite the … When all information is collected, all plans and findings should be reviewed by the city authorities. Not to be, as we would like to give you a simplified over view of the stages of building construction. After this, the actual construction process begins. Type of home – The size of the home can affect the process as well. construction process of RC column. Here are the 10 steps to building a new construction home from the moment your builder breaks ground on your lot, ... especially when you understand how the process works. Column reinforcement work. Blog The construction phase begins with a meeting organized by the superintendent. Know More: Types of elevation for your house. Academy 1. In brief, we can divide the process into 6 broad stages of building construction. Know More: What is RCC in building construction? Construction Process