Overall they are in nice shape for their age. I have a chevy malibu 1978. when the car was givin to me it had 14" rims and tires. But those were off a 78 chevy pickup i had but the toyota rims didnt fit the chevy because of the center bore. The key to this working is the insert. Chevy 1500's, 4x4-pretty much all years, 2x4's were 5 lug up to about year model 98-99, then switched to 6. We didn’t list the basic steel wheels, … Many Ford Ranger owners have swapped the wheels from a Ford Mustang on their Rangers. Hope this helps! Which ones don't? The 99 and up super duty wheels will not fit any way you cut it without adapters to go from your 8x6.5" pattern to the newer ford metric 8x170mm pattern. Chevy rims will not fit on a ford. Yes. Call for more information CALL(2I4)742-O77O Easy Financing Available w/ No Credit Check! backspacing so they stick out a little more than stock Chevy rims. 20X10 TIS 544BM 6X135 6x139.7 Gloss Black Milled Wheel Rim (QTY 1) $348.00. All Chevy, Dodge and non-Superduty 8 lugs are on an 8 x 6.5 bolt pattern (8 lugs 6.5 inches across). Dodge's '94 and up fits Ford's '88 to '98, I do believe. Prior to 99 all 8 bolts were 8x6.5, for some reason in 99 (I believe) Ford wanted to be different and made their wheels 8x170 mm. Thread Starter #10 nepagearjammer;1169234 said: ford and dodge factory 8-lug rims will fit on chevy...chevy won't fit on ford. I want to put newer mustang rims on it (16 "). Choose a model year to begin narrowing down the correct tire size A insert that sets in will be designed to fit Chevys. the bolt pattern is 4x108 and any focus wheel from '99-11 will fit your car. tranny upgrade and stall upgrade in but havent taken it to the track lol. Ford explorers also will swap. ive heard there are adapter plates which i was looking for when i found this page and thought ild add my input "universal rims" or, more accurately, "UNILUG" rims are Rims that have elongated lug openings and a large "hub" opening to accomodate many different lug patterns, be it Ford, Dodge, or Chevy. You may have to use wheel spacers also. SHOPPING The Fitness Zone And Will 6 Lug Ford Rims Fit Chevy The Fitness Zone And Will 6 Lug Ford Rims Fit Chevy Reviews : You finding where to buy The Fitness Suburban's, Tahoe's<<