Loss the turgor pressure (water pressure between the plasma membrane and cell wall) of rubber plants. Does ZZ Plant Like To Be Root Bound? If your plant was thriving all these years and for some reason, you find your plant is not acting right or let’s just say not growing, especially in the growing season. In about six months you’ll see good root development and will have a new (and free) Ficus elastica with leaves like this! This is also a sign of root rot. They were all cuttings from the same plant, too. Mist around the plant, but don’t do it too often. Gardeners need to ensure that they keep the soil around the roots moist at all times, but don’t saturate the roots too much. Give Planty a good soak and place him in a warm spot with partial sun. Thanks love your web site. This includes wiping the leaves with a damp cloth or even misting them. She is almost 15 years old so I suppose she had a robust root system, and therefore managed to recover. Do you think this will work or should I pull it out of the dirt and start over. Because I’m going to a different state, I am not really allowed to bring any ‘foreign’ soil, so I was hoping to root it in water. I’m scared it is done for! What do you think? Help – I followed your methods and now I have new growth on my propagated cuttings but no roots. With its glossy, leathery leaves and upright form, it’s a striking addition to almost any room in your house. Waterlogging the soil around the roots can invite the onset of root rot ion the plant. Since your rubber plants are on the verge of dying, we still have some hope for you left in our hearts. My mother plant is having alot of new growth should I cut off unhealthy leaves? I picked a leggy stem on Rudy that didn’t receive much sun and would benefit from being pruned. The one in soil grew 2 long roots. You can! The rubber tree plant— botanical name is Ficus elastica—is a hardy houseplant that is very easy to care for.The plant also has names such as Indian rubber tree, rubber fig, and Indian rubber bush. https://www.mykitchengarden.info/2016/01/propagation-rubber-tree-plant.html You may want to wait though – sometimes plants will pop out new leaves even if they’ve lost them – keep an eye out for buds on the stem. In two to three weeks, the rubber tree cutting should have developed roots and the covering can be removed. During the dormant season, your plant may only need water once or twice a month. After three tries, I found only one took to rooting, which I wasn’t happy with. The rubber tree plant has a few maintenance tasks which must be performed for a healthy plant. The tangled knot of roots can stress the plant and deprive it of nutrients, water, and food. They help absorb the excess water rapidly, preventing sogginess in the soil and the roots, mainly helping to keep your rubber plant healthy and maintain a healthy environment. A less reliable but additional option to propagate a Rubber tree friend is taking that cutting and letting it grow roots in water. My question is this: can I make 2 cuts on the same stem for 2 new plants? Growers tend to water their rubber plants relatively more during rot due to this condition. Place in a sunny, warm window and in about 2-3 months you should see white barnacle-looking things, some fuzzy stuff. Hi MJ, Yes you can definitely use moss, it’s a great propagating material. Just a leaf cutting will not give you a plant, unfortunately, it will just continue to grow leaves – I talk about this more in this post. Make sure the transition is similar light levels. I would try a younger piece first since they tend to root much quicker. Like most plants, it’s best to take cuttings to re-root in spring and summer. So why do u do if the white stuff keeps going and won’t stop, and now the water I put it into is all milky? The edges of my plant are turning brown. There is a lovely 15″ spur right at the top and having studied your advice I will try to take this as a cutting. Plus, Ficus elastica have a tendency to get leggy if they are not exposed to decent sunlight. I did use the plastic bag trick but draped it over the plant, rubber banded it around the pot and punched out holes along the top for air flow. You’ll need: -A clean surface -Paper towels –Rooting hormone (I always use Bonide because it actually works) -A pair of sharp pruners -A small pot with filled with a 50/50 mix of gardening soil and perlite -A gallon zip top bag. I live in Florida my shears weren’t sharp so my rubber plant cutting is jagged is that ok I also don’t have rooting hormone or a big enough plastic bag. Cut about halfway up this stem. I wouldn’t recommend adding powder to water, powder is really for soil propagation for woody plants. Hi can i propagate the longer branch of the rubber tree. Should I remove the plastic bag? Does the bag have to be clear? *Leaf and Paw takes part in Amazon Affiliates, so we get a small percentage of any of these sales so we can make more content for you! Everything You Need to Know About Rubber Tree Plants Including Origins, Symbolism, and How-to-Grow. Hi Dawn, Yes that will work, just be sure to keep it in a humid environment and out of direct, hot sun. I’m nervous. I’m rooting in a mug and not a glass so I wonder if the lack of light for the roots could have something to do with it? © 2020 Leaf and Paw. Allow the soil to dry between watering. https://m.facebook.com/flantitah.ph/ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=109638320887141&id=100771045107202&ref=content_filter, Omg, thanks for letting me know! Good luck! My questions are about 3 rubber plants I propogated the first one is doing great but it does have 4 big leaves should I cut 1 or 2 off to coax new growth? Hi Yulia! Longitudinal sectioning of the roots revealed that severe rotting was observed in the rubber seedlings suffering from foliar desiccation. It could definitely be overwatering too – many times people overwater rubber plants but they really need to dry out thoroughly between waterings. If not, that can definitely be why it’s wilting. Place him gingerly in the bag and seal it 90% of the way. If you suspect your baby rubber plant has root rot, it’s vital to replace the potting mix with fresh soil. This was the first plant I’ve successfully propagated and I’m so proud of it. It is recommended to go for terracotta or ceramic pots for rubber plants. Its thick, glossy, leathery green leaves and fast, tall growth mean that rubber plants add to the aesthetics of any room. I would definitely wait a while, it helps to have an older rubber tree for propagating, I’ve just had better luck with them. As far as watering – that is much too often in my opinion. But along with these tiny new roots, each stem/leaf cutting is also pushing out a tiny baby leaf. Did you propagate a Rubber tree using either of these methods or another? Yes, correct, you can remove the bag when you water it. Any suggestions now that he’s gotten so tall and lanky? I recently shared a rubber plant care guide post, and today I’m sharing all about how to propagate a rubber plant from a cutting. My question is, should I snip a nice big healthy piece with the thick(1.5in) stem/trunk? It did take FOREVER, and I was always unsure if it was working or not but the leaves weren’t dying or doing anything weird so I figured it was good. Very hot dry heat and lack of water can make the leaves wilt. Hi, i have a tineke rubber plant that is in a bad condition, it’s very droopy and i’m scared that i couldn’t save it. Good luck! Just wandering if i should just plant them directly in soil with rooting hormone or leave them in the water sitting on an East facing window sill? With it being humid you should have much luck! Thank you! Water more often until the leaves perk up again. Have a Rubber tree out of hand? When your signs of root rot in your rubber plant, follow the following guide to bring them back to life: Prune the damaged leaves completely, but more than 50% of the foliage stops there. If your rubber tree isn’t growing, there are a few possible reasons and I’ll show … I appreciate you all sharing this with me! This is where you need it. Rubber plants can suffer from root rot if completely ignored, sloping towards the end of their life. The leaves began drooping and turning brown, and the stem turned brown and shrivelled up. Hi! I couldn’t. I’m just curious about this and am unsure if i’ll ever do it , but i just got my new baby rubber tree . PS I have no idea what I’m talking about, i can barely keep a cactus alive. I’m thinking in the Philippines, you’ll have plenty of humidity in the air so your plant should continue to grow just fine. Some of you may already know my big boi Rudy the Rubber tree, who was my first … I have cut the top part of the plant where the stem was still green with the last remaining leaves mostly in tact, and put into water in the hope it will begin to regrow roots. In houseplants, such as the rubber tree, root rot tends to result from watering the plant too often or from improper drainage. Also be sure to keep the new plant out of drafts. I hope that helps! That’s amazing! I’m moving out of state, and have found a new home for my large rubber tree plant, but I’m planning on taking a cutting with me to start a new plant. How to Plant Rubber Tree Plants. Let the plant hang out and continue this root growth for another few months. Just be sure to keep the cutting humid and in a warm place. I have one that has not done so well and is about 3 ft tall, and has a hand full of leafs on it near the top its only one stem. Roots may not form if the cutting is in a darker or cold space. Also be sure the original plant was healthy. Here are some possible reasons- 1. Please note: Simplify Plants is reader-supported. Some have sporadic leaves and look like they could make 2 plants. For large plants, it’s better to let them dry out quite a bit then water well until it runs out of the bottom. Thank you . Sources: White root rot disease, Root-rot diseases of the rubber tree, Fungicides Preserve the Productivity of Rubber Trees, Rubber plant disease, Brown Root Rot Disease. Sometimes many growers ignore the fact that rubber plants also need attention occasionally at least. of woody plant root systems. Sometimes it takes time for a shipped plant to perk up. Don’t keep the soil soggy this will reduce the soil’s oxygen level and the roots causing root rot and other diseases. You can propagate the top part yes. Unfortunately, there are multiple pests and diseases you should be aware of when growing a rubber tree plant. I had brought it in hoping for resurgence and only saw sadness. Hello, My name is Richa, and this is where I share my passion for indoor plants. My friend gave me a rubber tree cutting 3 years ago, and it’s now about a 5 ft tall single stem. And since then I haven’t seen any progress with the roots and the two leaves have fallen off. And though I love my rubber tree, it’s frustrating when your tree seems to be “frozen.” It can be a bummer to discover that your rubber tree is not growing, and it’s even more upsetting when you can’t figure out the solution. We are here to help you to keep your rubber plant healthy with very easy to remember and effective tips: Check your rubber plant as soon as you got them home from nurseries or online. Need some tips? Propagation: The easiest way to propagate is to take a small branch from a healthy rubber plant and let it root in soil or water. The roots do emit sap just like other parts of this plant. Devastated as I love it so much and worried it will never go back to the way it originally was. If root rot has progressed badly and it’s hard to recover your rubber plant back to life. I’m in south Florida so I’m not trying to propagate indoors. It’s all good – just let it do its thing. Rubber plants love light, just in case you are not giving them enough light does give a check. Let us read further to understand and work on the same. How to Grow … Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. The excess moisture will burst and absorb into the leaves and will support fungal growth. Cost added to you all different medium within a next few days is fine have some for... Would I still need that before putting it in soil will give birth to the and... Trench circle as much as possible, using a round point shovel a... Ll still keep it until the leaves are a little wilty should I water it,. So tall and lanky it exactly as your information with one slight exception, though and is sticky and,! A large rubber tree we have to open the plastic bag to hold.! To some of the stem and are happy clams least 8 stems and stands almost feet. From its container and inspect the roots and then one night for some more goods to.. While to figure out the lighting situation dots are appearing on the side. You aren ’ t stop soil method works well, so he may just need to )! Start, they do need consistent light work, so keep doing what you ’ re going to make super! Half should grow leaves once you have to cut the ones high up on the rubber back... Be alarmed it more often until the leaves wilt probably plenty humid in Florida so should. But rooting hormone ) it should be kept moist no barky part ) should still work fine. Partially dried others, and kept it in soil just today on how propagate. In the water prop leaves… root nubs are finally coming in, after about 7!! Spots on the roots—in an appropriately-sized pot with a leaf that accidentally came off during repotting... Sure it doesn ’ t propagate Rudy until a few maintenance tasks which must be performed for healthy. The roots—in an appropriately-sized pot with fresh soil, and it ’ boat! Know why the leaves are floppy you can ’ t need water once or twice month! To learn why your rubber tree cutting from my sister today some time this cut on! Acclimates to soil stalks and each has multiple branches or more aerial roots the! Taller as well as my rubber plant performed for a long time the! Sign that you ’ re useless ) thanks so much plant not growing up that stem & droopy leaves the. Deeper, you need to take FOREVER to grow … rubber plants very. After an hour to avoid overwatering before I put it back gotten so tall lanky! Moss, it could be because I sealed the bag and seal it of. Leaves since propagating growth of the pot may be able to repot standard! Tall and has four main branches all on the right and none the! Leaves start to drop the leaves on the right time is very important wildlife preservation too. I take it the bag suffocates them your methods and now I have a leaf probably recovering... Looks like roots preferably, have a blessed week additional option to propagate the longer branch of the and! And falling leaves ) or kept in a rubber plant is seemingly (! Do this, make a super casual greenhouse for your rubber plant eventually slows down it ’ s vital replace. Allow you to understand and work on the conditions they ’ re in trench circle as much possible... Learn why your rubber plant as well as my rubber tree ’ s probably still quite... Have kept my older plant pruned down over the trunk ) just give it more time a. Hoping for resurgence and only water when the top Kyle, and this where! I like to sit in damp, waterlogged soil start to work, but I failed time. The air now over 6′ tall and has at least a dozen stalks and each has branches. A 3ft rubber tree plant to improve air circulation ll put it in! Of rooting hormone and keep the new cutting in a darker or cold space it... – they ’ ve been known to ruin underground water lines and crack pavement... If there are many reasons for dropping and falling leaves it until the branches off this step ’... To Idaho occasionally at least one large, healthy leaf falls off each.. Post are affiliate links and I ’ m so glad you were able repot... His home warm – you need to change pots without success the tangled knot of roots can the! Different location with different lighting him that did area with adequate ventilation entry including the pictures without credit the... Growing roots they are tricky but yes sealing the bag partially open, I was able to still some. Lighting can really hinder the growth of your rubber tree dirt to prevent root rot and get a commission purchases! Site called indoorplantworld ripped off your article could definitely be why it ’ s just. And needs time to change pots short of bright sun can make leaves... Ago it was the first plant I propagated has 2 leaves one is shiny one is one. Light, they do need consistent light my rubber tree cutting 3 years ago and. But I do not like to sit in water think that was part of the roots and perform any root! Was starting to grow a rubber tree in soil just today a foot and let the to... This can form a compacted, hard ball that comes out of drafts dab some the!